BirthdayFebruary 0, 1873
BirthplaceBoston, USA

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  1. About Hattie Williams

    Full name: Hattie Williams
    Also known as: Hattie Williams, Williams, Hattie
    Professions: American actor
    Occupation: Actress

  2. Hattie Williams Death information

    Died: Monday, 17th of August, 1942 (Age: 69)

  3. Hattie Williams Biography

    Hattie Williams (March 17, 1870 - August 17, 1942) was an American stage actress, comedienne and vocalist from Boston. She first gained fame in several farcical plays by Charles Hoyt. She was a popular player in vaudeville and with Charles Frohman's theatrical company at the turn of the twentieth century and appeared often at his famous Empire Theatre, New York. Williams retired from the theatre in 1914 at the height of her career.Under the Frohman banner she and Ethel Barrymore were occasionally arch rivals.Williams appeared in only one motion picture Glorianna's Getaway (1915), a short film.She was good friends with the actor Richard Carle and they sometimes summered together on Long Island in the off season.She died August 17, 1942, in the Bronx New York.

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