BirthdayJanuary 16, 1921

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  1. About Harry Oakes

    Full name: Harry Oakes
    Also known as: Harry Oakes, Oakes, Harry
    Professions: Camera Department, Special Effects, Visual Effects

  2. Harry Oakes Known for

    Aliens (1986), Superman (1978), Legend (1985), Flash Gordon (1980)

  3. Harry Oakes Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 7th of July, 1943 (Age: 22)

  4. Harry Oakes Biography

    Sir Harry Oakes, 1st Baronet (23 December 1874 – 7 July 1943) was an American-born British Canadian gold mine owner, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He earned his fortune in Canada and in the 1930s moved to the Bahamas for tax purposes, where he was murdered in 1943 in notorious circumstances. The cause of death and the details surrounding it have never been entirely determined, and have been the subject of several books and four films.

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