BirthdayNovember 10, 1902

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  1. About Harry Lauder

    Full name: Harry Lauder
    Also known as: Sir Harry Lauder, Harry Lauder, Lauder, Harry
    Professions: Actor, Assistant Director
    Occupation: Music hall comedian & singer

  2. Harry Lauder Death information

    Died: Sunday, 26th of February, 1950 (Age: 47)

  3. Harry Lauder Biography

    Sir Henry "Harry" Lauder (4 August 1870 – 26 February 1950) was a Scottish music hall comedian and singer. He was perhaps best known for his long-standing hit "I Love a Lassie" and for his international success. He was described by Sir Winston Churchill as "Scotland's greatest ever ambassador!"Born in Portobello, Edinburgh, Lauder began his working life in a flax mill and in coal mines before he embarked on a career as a singer and toured with an amateur concert-party. He performed his first self-composed song "I Love a Lassie" and he became a familiar world-wide figure promoting images like the kilt and the cromach to huge acclaim, especially in America. Other songs followed, including "Roamin' in the Gloamin", "A Wee Deoch-an-Doris", and "Keep Right on to the End of the Road".By the 1900s, Lauder had become the highest-paid performer in the world, and was the first Scottish artist to sell a million records. He raised vast amounts of money for the war effort during World War I, for which he was subsequently knighted in 1919. He went into semi-retirement in the mid-1930s, but briefly emerged to entertain troops in World War II. By the late-1940s he was suffering from long periods of ill-health and died in Scotland in 1950.

  4. Harry Lauder Family

    Spouse: Ann Vallance; son

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