BirthdayDecember 30, 1895

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  1. About Harry Knight

    Full name: Harry Knight
    Also known as: Harry Knight, Knight, Harry
    Professions: Assistant Director, Production Manager, Actor

  2. Harry Knight Known for

    Desert Phantom (1936), The Devil Pays Off (1941), Between Men (1935), Borderland (1937)

  3. Harry Knight Death information

    Died: Friday, 4th of July, 1913 (Age: 17)

  4. Harry Knight Biography

    Harry Knight (6 August 1889 Jonesboro, Indiana – 4 July 1913 Columbus, Ohio) was an American racecar driver. He drove in the first two Indianapolis 500 races as well as two "pre-500 era" races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910, finishing second in a 100 mile race. He was killed while racing in a Championship Car race in 1913 at the Columbus Driving Park, a 1 mile dirt oval.

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