BirthdayOctober 13, 1885
BirthplaceCedar Rapids, USA

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  1. About Harry Hershfield

    Full name: Harry Hershfield
    Also known as: Harry Hershfield, Hershfield, Harry
    Professions: Writer

  2. Harry Hershfield Death information

    Died: Sunday, 15th of December, 1974 (Age: 89)

  3. Harry Hershfield Biography

    Harry Hershfield (October 13, 1885 - December 15, 1974) was an American cartoonist, humor writer and radio personality. A columnist once labeled him "the Jewish Will Rogers".Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Hershfield was the son of Jewish immigrants. He studied in Chicago at the Frank Holmes School of Illustration and the Chicago Art Institute, and his career began at age 14, drawing sports cartoons and his comic strip about a dog, Homeless Hector, for the Chicago Daily News in 1899. He headed West, drawing for the San Francisco Chronicle by 1907.

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