BirthdayJuly 16, 1926
BirthplaceGeorgia, USA

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  1. About Happy Humphrey

    Full name: Happy Humphrey
    Also known as: Happy Humphrey, Humphrey, Happy
    Professions: American professional wrestler

  2. Happy Humphrey Measurements

    Height: 1.85
    Weight: 363.79

  3. Happy Humphrey Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 14th of March, 1989 (Age: 62)

  4. Happy Humphrey Biography

    This article is about the wrestler. For other persons named William Cobb, see William Cobb (disambiguation)William Joseph Cobb (July 16, 1926 - March 14, 1989), best known by his ring and screen names of Happy Humphrey, Happy Farmer Humphrey, and "Squasher" Humphrey, was an American professional wrestler and the heaviest professional wrestler of all time. His most active period was in the 1950s and 1960s when he billed himself as "the world's largest wrestler". Humphrey averaged 750 lb (340 kg) during his career. Several times, he weighed in at over 800 lb (360 kg), and on one occasion he weighed over 900 lb (410 kg)

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