BirthdayJanuary 14, 1950
BirthplaceRendsburg, Germany

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  1. About Hanne Haller

    Full name: Hanne Haller
    Also known as: Hanne Haller, Haller, Hanne
    Professions: deutsche Schlagersängerin, Komponistin, Texterin, Produzentin und Tonmeisterin

  2. Hanne Haller Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 15th of November, 2005 (Age: 55)

  3. Hanne Haller Biography

    Hanne Haller (January 14, 1950 in Rendsburg, Germany - November 15, 2005 in Tegernsee, Germany; full name Hannelore Haller) was a German pop singer (genre known as "schlager" in German), composer, writer, producer, and sound engineer.Note: this entry is based on a translation of the entry in the German version of Wikipedia.

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