BirthdayApril 15, 1919
BirthplaceBrooklyn, USA

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  1. About Hank Kaplan

    Full name: Hank Kaplan
    Also known as: Hank Kaplan, Kaplan, Hank
    Professions: American sportswriter and historian

  2. Hank Kaplan Known for

    Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (2005), Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Life and Death of a Champion (1995), In This Corner... Boxing's Legendary Heavyweights (1992), ESPN SportsCentury (1999)

  3. Hank Kaplan Death information

    Died: Friday, 14th of December, 2007 (Age: 88)

  4. Hank Kaplan Biography

    Hank Kaplan (April 15, 1920 – December 14, 2007) was an American boxing historian and writer. Always wearing one of many of his prized boxing baseball caps, and smoking a pipe, he is widely regarded as the nation's foremost boxing historian, and was known and respected worldwide. Kaplan was known to possess the largest collection of boxing memorabilia, consisting of millions of pieces including newspaper articles, books, and photographs, stemming back from the 19th century. His expertise in boxing history helped him earn the nickname "Lord of the Ring."

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