BirthdayDecember 0, 1942
BirthplaceTel Aviv, Israel

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  1. About Hanan Goldblatt

    Full name: Hanan Goldblatt
    Also known as: Hanan Goldblatt, Goldblatt, Hanan, חנן גולדבלט
    Professions: Israeli actor
    Occupation: Actor, comedian and singer

  2. Hanan Goldblatt Biography

    Hanan Goldblatt (Hebrew: ??? ????????; born 10 October 1941 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli actor, comedian and singer who appeared in plays, films, television programs, and who was most widely known for his part in the educational TV show "Bli Sodot". In 2008, Goldblatt was convicted of perpetrating acts of rape as well as other sex offenses against women in his acting class.

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