BirthdayJune 4, 1937
BirthplaceEndicott, USA

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  1. About H.M. Koutoukas

    Full name: H.M. Koutoukas
    Also known as: H. M. Koutoukas, Koutoukas, H. M.
    Professions: American playwright

  2. H.M. Koutoukas Death information

    Died: Saturday, 6th of March, 2010 (Age: 72)

  3. H.M. Koutoukas Biography

    Off-Off Broadway playwright, whose surreal works date back to the 1960s & he continues to churn them out to this day. In 2003 he won the Robert Chesley Lifetime Achievement Award for Playwriting in New York City. His most recent play: "The Ring of Death," was performed at the Theatre for the New City in Greenwich Village in 2004.

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