BirthdayOctober 17, 1976

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  1. About Guy Mutton

    Full name: Guy Mutton
    Also known as: Guy Mutton, Mutton, Guy, Guy "Mutto" Mutton
    Professions: Australian singer
    Occupation: Singer

  2. Guy Mutton Biography

    Guy Christopher Mutton, also known as Mutto (born in England, 17 October 1976), is an Australian singer, a Top 12 contestant in the fourth season of Australian Idol and lead singer of the Gold Coast–based rock band, Soulframe.Prior to Idol, Mutton worked with kids as a teacher, at Hillcrest Christian College. He left his career in education when his band Soulframe began gaining popularity. With experience on drums and piano, Mutton was reluctant to audition as a vocalist. However, since Mutton took over lead vocals Soulframe has won several Australian music awards. Songs from their 2005 album, "Escaping Entropy" collected a win and three further nominations in categories at the 2004 Annual MusicOz Awards, two of the top 10 spots in their category for the 2005 Australian Songwriters Association Awards, and a win in their category for the NZ-based 2005 Pacific Songwriting Competition.

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