BirthdayNovember 7, 1954
BirthplaceWeyburn, Canada

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  1. About Guy Gavriel Kay

    Full name: Guy Gavriel Kay
    Also known as: Guy Gavriel Kay, Kay, Guy Gavriel
    Professions: Writer, Producer
    Nationality: Canadian
    Work: Interview on the now-defunct Event Horizon
    Occupation: Writer

  2. Guy Gavriel Kay Biography

    Guy Gavriel Kay Template:Post-nominals (born November 7, 1954) is a Canadian author of fantasy fiction. Many of his novels are set in fictional realms that resemble real places during real historical periods, such as Constantinople during the reign of Justinian I or Spain during the time of El Cid. Those works are published and marketed as historical fantasy, though the author himself has expressed a preference to shy away from genre categorization when possible.Kay has written over 10 novels and numerous shorter works. His works have been translated into 22 languages, and have sold over two million copies.

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