BirthdayMay 18, 1889

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  1. About Gunnar Gunnarsson

    Full name: Gunnar Gunnarsson
    Also known as: Gunnar Gunnarsson, Gunnarsson, Gunnar
    Professions: Icelandic author

  2. Gunnar Gunnarsson Death information

    Died: Friday, 21st of November, 1975 (Age: 86)

  3. Gunnar Gunnarsson Biography

    Gunnar Gunnarsson (18 May 1889 – 21 November 1975) was an Icelandic author who wrote mainly in Danish. He grew up, in considerable poverty, on Valþjófsstaður in Fljótsdalur valley and on Ljótsstaðir in Vopnafjörður. Despite big difficulties, he became one of the most popular novelists in Denmark and Germany.Often considered one of the most important Icelandic writers, he wrote the novel Af Borgslægtens Historie (translated into English as Guest the One-Eyed), the first Icelandic writing ever made into a movie. He also wrote the autobiographical novel The Church on the Mountain (1923–28).

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