BirthdayJanuary 25, 1911
BirthplaceHelsinki, Finland

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  1. About Greta Kukkonen

    Full name: Greta Kukkonen
    Also known as: Greta Kukkonen, Kukkonen, Greta
    Professions: American businesswoman

  2. Greta Kukkonen Death information

    Died: Saturday, 19th of January, 2008 (Age: 96)

  3. Greta Kukkonen Biography

    Greta Peck (née Eine Matilda Kukkonen; January 25, 1911, Helsinki, Finland – January 19, 2008, Beverly Hills, California) was a Finnish-American real estate broker and first wife of Hollywood actor Gregory Peck.The Kukkonen family emigrated to the United States in 1913 and later changed her name from Eine Kukkonen to Greta Konen. Her first husband was Charles Rice. Konen married Peck in 1942, but the couple divorced in 1955. They had three sons: Jonathan, Stephen and Carey. She later owned a beauty salon and an estate agency and was active in charitable causes, raising money for Finnish World War II veterans. For those activities, she received the Order of the White Rose from the Finnish Government in 1967. She was also a member of the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce and received an honorary doctorate from Finlandia University in 1994.

  4. Greta Kukkonen Family

    Spouse: Gregory Peck ; sons
    Childrens: Carey Peck, Jonathan Peck, Stephen Peck

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