BirthdaySeptember 4, 2015

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  1. About Graham Brazier

    Full name: Graham Brazier
    Also known as: Graham Brazier, Brazier, Graham
    Professions: New Zealand musician
    Occupation: Musician, songwriter

  2. Graham Brazier Death information

    Died: Friday, 4th of September, 2015 (Age: 0)

  3. Graham Brazier Biography

    Graham Brazier is a New Zealand musician and songwriter. He first came to prominence in the band Hello Sailor. After Hello Sailor he formed a band called the Legionnaires. When he was growing up, he lived above his mother's bookshop in Dominion Road in Auckland and he collects first editions.Although Brazier has claimed he turned down an offer to join The Doors post-Jim Morrison, it has been stated by Doors biographer, Danny Sugerman, to be "exaggeration".Two Brazier associated songs are included in the official top 100 New Zealand songs. They are "Blue Lady" alongside his first band, Hello Sailor, as well as "Billy Bold" from his solo career.It was reported on 7 October 2012 that Brazier has been charged with assaulting his former partner. He pled guilty to two charges of male assaults female and one count of common assault, and was sentenced to 100 hours community work and 18 months of intense supervision.

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