BirthdayApril 7, 1926
BirthplaceWilmington, USA

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  1. About Gloria Warren

    Full name: Gloria Warren
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack

  2. Gloria Warren Known for

    Bells of San Fernando (1947), Dangerous Money (1946), Always in My Heart (1942), Cinderella Swings It (1943)

  3. Gloria Warren Biography

    Gloria Warren, (born April 7, 1926 in Wilmington, Delaware), is an American former actress and singer. Her movie career began in 1942, when she signed a contract with the film studio Warner Bros.. That same year, she appeared in her first motion picture called Always in My Heart alongside Kay Francis and Walter Huston. Due to her singing abilities, she was often compared to Deanna Durbin.She made four more movies after that, including Dangerous Money and Bells of San Fernando. She retired from showbusiness in 1947.

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