BirthdayMay 5, 1976

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  1. About Glen Wallace

    Full name: Glen Wallace
    Also known as: Glen Wallace, Wallace, Glen
    Professions: Irish actor

  2. Glen Wallace Measurements

    Height: 6' (1.83 m)

  3. Glen Wallace Known for

    Hollyoaks (1995), EastEnders (1985), At Water's Edge (2012), Holy Cross (2003)

  4. Glen Wallace Biography

    Glen Wallace is an Northern Irish actor, born (5 May 1976) in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.He is most notable for playing Malachy Fisher on popular Channel 4 teen soap opera, Hollyoaks from 2007 onwards. He also played Mr Michaels in Wire in the Blood in 2006. He appeared in Casualty, playing Bill Tree in 2005. He played the lead character Guy in Mirror Mirror in 2006. He has had other roles in the past, playing a Riot Policeman in the multi-award winning Holy Cross for BBC Films.In 2010, Glen, received his first British Soap Awards nomination in the category of Best Dramatic Performance. He lost to EastEnders star Lacey Turner.Wallace quit Hollyoaks in 2010 and made his final appearance on 18 November 2010 where his character Malachy died from serious injuries after an explosion from the local restaurant, Il Gnosh.Wallace appeared in two episodes of Holby City as Andy Bryan, an old friend of surgeon Greg Douglas in August 2011.In March 2014 Wallace again appeared in Holby City for two episodes playing David Kilburn, the husband of Jess Griffin and later in April he made an appearance as a Police Officer in Eastenders.

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