BirthdayJanuary 14, 1938

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  1. About Giorgia Moll

    Full name: Giorgia Moll
    Also known as: Giorgia Moll, Moll, Giorgia
    Professions: Italian actor

  2. Giorgia Moll Known for

    Contempt (1963), The White Warrior (1959), The Quiet American (1958), The Thief of Baghdad (1961)

  3. Giorgia Moll Biography

    Giorgia Moll is one of the many beauties with whom the Italian cinema teemed in the 1950s and 1960s. Her harmonious face, her perfect brown hair and her dream measurements did not escape the talent scouts of the time and she was only seventeen when she was hired for her first film Non scherzare con le donne (1955). Her career is undistinguished on...

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