BirthdayJune 7, 1964
BirthplaceChanghua, Taiwan

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  1. About Giong Lim

    Full name: Giong Lim
    Professions: Composer, Actor, Soundtrack

  2. Giong Lim Known for

    Nuodemes prisilietimas (2013), Still Life (2006), Millennium Mambo (2001), The World (2004)

  3. Giong Lim Biography

    Lim Giong also known as Lin Chiang, born 7 June 1964 in Changhua, Taiwan) is a musician, artist, DJ, composer, songwriter, music producer, music director and also an actor. He is a leading figure in the Taiwanese experimental electronic music scene. His musical career began with the release of his 1st album, "Marching Forward" in 1990. In his early...

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