BirthdayMarch 28, 1911
BirthplaceManchester, UK

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  1. About Gerry Mitchell

    Full name: Gerry Mitchell
    Professions: Production Manager, Assistant Director, Producer

  2. Gerry Mitchell Known for

    Happy Go Lovely (1951), Blonde Sinner (1956), Cocktails in the Kitchen (1954), Piccadilly Incident (1946)

  3. Gerry Mitchell Biography

    Born in Ancoats, Manchester to Charlotte Hubbard (née Anderson) with three sisters, Gerry was raised by his step father Joseph Mitchell (whose surname he later adopted) before entering the Xaverian College in Manchester. Upon leaving the Xavarian College, Gerry joined the Kings Own as a regular soldier and witnessed the 2nd Sino-Japanese war, ...

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