BirthdayMay 7, 1942
BirthplaceMunich, Germany

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  1. About Gerhard Polt

    Full name: Gerhard Polt
    Also known as: Gerhard Polt, Polt, Gerhard
    Professions: German actor and filmmaker
    Occupation: Author, filmmaker, cabaret artist

  2. Gerhard Polt Known for

    Kehraus (1983), Man spricht deutsh (1988), Herr Ober! (1992), Germanikus (2004)

  3. Gerhard Polt Biography

    Gerhard Polt (born May 7, 1942 in Munich) is a Bavarian writer, filmmaker, actor and satirical cabaret artist.Gerhard Polt's main topics are Bavarian people, culture and politics. Nevertheless he generally performs in Standard German, though with strongly Bavarian pronunciation and melody and hence undistinguishable from actual dialect by non-Bavarians. His performances in Munich theaters, which he started in 1976, are very popular. In 1979 he became known to a wider audience in Germany as a result of his television comedy series "Fast wia im richtigen Leben" (Almost like in real life). In the following years, he was writer and actor in the movies Kehraus (1983), Man spricht deutsh [sic] (1987), Germanikus (2004), and writer and director of Herr Ober! (1992).He was also awarded the 2006/2007 Kassel Literary Prize.

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