BirthdayJune 25, 1930
BirthplaceHaskovo, Bulgaria

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  1. About Georgi Cherkelov

    Full name: Georgi Cherkelov
    Also known as: Georgi Cherkelov, Cherkelov, Georgi, Георги Черкелов
    Professions: Actor, Director, Writer
    Occupation: Film and Theatre Actor

  2. Georgi Cherkelov Death information

    Died: Sunday, 19th of February, 2012 (Age: 81)

  3. Georgi Cherkelov Biography

    Georgi Cherkelov (?????? ????????): 25 June 1930 – 19 February 2012.Bulgarian stage and film actor. One of the most prominent names in the Bulgarian theater and cinema in the last decades. He became widely popular after the role of the anti-communist police inspector Velinski in the TV series At Every Kilometer (1969). Cherkelov appeared in many of the major Bulgarian film productions. He played the leading roles in Men on a business trip (1969), Toplo / Warmth (1978), Socrates (1981), The Judge (1986). He was also in many German and Italian film co-productions. He has directed the TV film "Last Stop – Berlin" (1983).

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