BirthdayApril 23, 1962
BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA

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  1. About George Stevens

    Full name: George Stevens
    Also known as: George Stevens, Stevens, George
    Professions: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Producer
    Work: Awards for George Stevens
    Occupation: Director, cinematographer, actor, writer, producer

  2. George Stevens Known for

    Transformers (2007), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Titanic (1997), Spider-Man 3 (2007)

  3. George Stevens Death information

    Died: Saturday, 8th of March, 1975 (Age: 12)
    Death cause: Heart attack

  4. George Stevens Biography

    George Stevens (December 18, 1904 – March 8, 1975) was an American film director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer.Among his most notable films are A Place in the Sun (1951; winner of six Academy Awards including Best Director), Shane (1953; Oscar nominated), Giant (1956; Oscar for Best Director), and Diary of Anne Frank (1959; nominated for Best Director).

  5. George Stevens Family

    Spouse: Joan McTavish

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