BirthdayDecember 0, 1897

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  1. About George Holland

    Full name: George Holland
    Also known as: George Holland, Holland, George
    Professions: British actor

  2. George Holland Death information

    Died: Saturday, 1st of January, 1870 (Age: 26)

  3. George Holland Biography

    George Holland (1791–1870) was an English American stage actor, born in London, December 6, 1791. His father was a tradesman. The boy was first sent to preparatory schools in Lambeth, and afterward to a boarding-school. He did not prove a devoted student: he was more remarkable for his pranks than for his proficiency in learning. He was taken home by his father and set to work in the silk and ribbon warehouse of Messrs. Hill & Newcombe, Wood Street, Cheapside, London. Prior to beginning to work, though, he had a six weeks long vacation during which he had his first experience on the stage at Astley's Amphitheatre. He was delighted by the activities which he experienced. His work with the silk mercers passed six months, selling silk and ribbons and "silk" hats, the latter articles having then only just come into fashion. Other ventures passed by, and at the age of nineteen George was apprenticed to Mr. Thomas Davison, of Whitefriars, to learn the trade of printer, and in a vain pursuit of skill in that vocation he spent two years. He was a vigorous young man who was a member of a boat club: he could—and frequently did—row from London Bridge to Richmond and back again, twenty miles (32 km) each way. Young Holland's way of life unfitted him for the printing business, and when twenty-one years of age he was fortunate enough to get his indentures cancelled.

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