BirthdayOctober 26, 1926
BirthplaceProvidence, USA

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  1. About George Crum

    Full name: George Crum
    Also known as: George Crum, Crum, George
    Professions: Music Department

  2. George Crum Death information

    Died: Thursday, 1st of January, 1914 (Age: 12)

  3. George Crum Biography

    George Crum (born George Speck; (c. 1828 – July 22, 1914) was a mixed-race African/Native American trapper and guide in the Adirondacks, who became renowned for his culinary skills after becoming a cook and restaurant owner in Saratoga Springs, New York. By 1860 he owned Crum's House, a popular lakeside restaurant in nearby Malta.By the early 20th century, Crum was credited in some popular accounts as having developed potato chips.

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