BirthdayDecember 1, 1876

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  1. About George Creel

    Full name: George Creel
    Also known as: George Creel, Creel, George
    Professions: American journalist

  2. George Creel Death information

    Died: Friday, 2nd of October, 1953 (Age: 76)

  3. George Creel Biography

    George Creel (December 1, 1876 – October 2, 1953) was an investigative journalist, a politician, and, most famously, the head of the United States Committee on Public Information, a propaganda organization created by President Woodrow Wilson during World War I. He said of himself that "an open mind is not part of my inheritance. I took in prejudices with mother's milk and was weaned on partisanship."

  4. George Creel Family

    Spouse: Blanche Bates

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