BirthdaySeptember 21, 1924
BirthplaceChicago, USA

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  1. About Gail Russell

    Full name: Gail Russell
    Also known as: Gail Russell, Russell, Gail
    Professions: Actress
    Occupation: Actress

  2. Gail Russell Known for

    Angel and the Badman (1947), Seven Men from Now (1956), Wake of the Red Witch (1948), Moonrise (1948)

  3. Gail Russell Death information

    Died: Saturday, 26th of August, 1961 (Age: 36)
    Death cause: Liver damage resulting from alcoholism

  4. Gail Russell Biography

    Gail Russell was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 21, 1924. She remained in the Windy City, going to school until her parents moved to California when she was 14. She was an above-average student in school and upon graduation from Santa Monica High School was signed by Paramount Studios. Because of her ethereal beauty, Gail was to be groomed...

  5. Gail Russell Family

    Spouse: Guy Madison

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