BirthdayAugust 12, 1944
BirthplaceMilan, Italy

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  1. About Gabriele Basilico

    Full name: Gabriele Basilico
    Professions: Cinematographer

  2. Gabriele Basilico Biography

    Gabriele Basilico (1944–13 February 2013) was an Italian photographer. He defined himself as a measurer of space.Born in Milan, after studying architecture Basilico began his profession as a photographer devoting to landscape photography and more particularly to architectural photography. To give him international fame in 1982, it was a photographic report on the industrial areas of Milan (Ritratti di Fabbriche, Sugarco). In the mid 80s he was part of the group of photographers committed by the French Government to document the transformation of the Transalpine landscape. In 1991 with the celebrated Beirut 1991 he documented the war effects on the Lebanese capital. His last work was showed in December 2012, at the inauguration of new square Gae Aulenti in Milan: a series of photographs that portrayed the Porta Nuova Project from its inception.He worked mostly with a view camera and film in black and white.He received the Osella d'Oro at the 1996 Venice Biennale.

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