BirthdayDecember 16, 1974
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

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  1. About Frida Hallgren

    Full name: Frida Hallgren
    Also known as: Frida Hallgren, Hallgren, Frida
    Professions: Swedish actor

  2. Frida Hallgren Measurements

    Height: 5' 5¾" (1.67 m)

  3. Frida Hallgren Known for

    As It Is in Heaven (2004), Raspberry Boat Refugee (2014), Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter (2012), Om inte (2001)

  4. Frida Hallgren Biography

    Frida Sophia Hallgren (born December 16, 1974 in Stockholm) is a Swedish actress, internationally known from As It Is in Heaven.After finishing her degree, Frida attended the theater university in Malmö. This training was connected to a practical course at the city theater of Gothenburg. Thereafter Frida received several theater roles in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Uppsala. She attained international fame with the leading role of Lena in Kay Pollak's Oscar nominated film As It Is in Heaven. In 2007 she was at the side of Walter Sittler and Inger Nilsson (Pippi Longstocking) in the Second German Television miniseries Der Kommissar und das Meer

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