BirthdaySeptember 20, 1816

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  1. About Fredrik August Dahlgren

    Full name: Fredrik August Dahlgren
    Also known as: Fredrik August Dahlgren, Dahlgren, Fredrik August
    Professions: Swedish writer

  2. Fredrik August Dahlgren Death information

    Died: Saturday, 16th of February, 1895 (Age: 78)

  3. Fredrik August Dahlgren Biography

    Fredrik August Dahlgren (September 20, 1816 – February 16, 1895) was a Swedish writer, playwright and songwriter.Dahlgren was born in Nordmark parish in Värmland, son of Barthold Dahlgren, the manager of the mines at Taberg, and Anna Carolina Svensson. After finishing school at Karlstads gymnasium in Karlstad, he matriculated at Uppsala University in 1834, completing a filosofie magister degree in 1839. He was the father of the historian Erik Wilhelm Dahlgren, who became head of the Swedish Royal Library, and the writer Lotten Dahlgren.Dahlgren is best remembered for writing two Swedish folk songs. He and Anders Fryxell wrote the lyrics to Ack Värmeland, du sköna (O Värmland, you lovely). He was the sole author of Å jänta å ja' (And the girl and I). Dahlgren also wrote the musical drama "Värmlänningarna" (The People of Värmland), a popular work for over one hundred fifty years.He was a member of the Swedish Academy (1871 - 1895), where he occupied seat 6.

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