BirthdayJune 8, 1926

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  1. About Fred Kaps

    Full name: Fred Kaps
    Also known as: Fred Kaps, Kaps, Fred
    Professions: Dutch magician

  2. Fred Kaps Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 22nd of July, 1980 (Age: 54)

  3. Fred Kaps Biography

    Fred Kaps (official name Abraham Pieter Adrianus Bongers) (June 8, 1926 – July 22, 1980) was a Dutch magician, famous for being the only magician to become FISM Grand Prix world champion three times. He was the creator of numerous original effects including his version of the color-changing silks. Another popular effect he often performed was the long-pour salt trick. Part of the act has Kaps exhibiting facial expressions of great surprise and disbelief, as he tries unsuccessfully to desperately stop the flow.Another of Kaps' most renowned tricks throughout the world was the Dancing & Floating Cork, which he performed at extremely close quarters, allowing his audience to be really close-up to view the illusion.A small cufflink box was shown, then opened to find a wine bottle cork resting inside. With hands being held extremely steady, the cork starts to move and wriggle around inside the box. It is stated that this is a floating cork; well, all corks float on water. This one floats on air. With that, the cork floats outside the box with absolutely no visible means of support.A small four-inch diameter metal ring is then passed over the cork every which-way. The cork stays floating. The audience is so close they cannot see anything holding the cork afloat. At the conclusion Kaps would grab the cork and pass it to an audience member watching.This was such a spectacular and successful trick that Fred Kaps then collaborated with London magician Ken Brooke at Ken Brooke's Magic Place, who then marketed the trick to magicians from the early 1970s. Before one could purchase the Kaps Dancing & Floating Cork, one would have to sign a contract with Ken Brooke NOT to reveal or share the secret with anyone, not even fellow magicians. Then one would be permitted to buy the Kaps trick.The cork trick developed such a successful reputation as a close-up illusion that Michael Parkinson had Fred Kaps feature it on the British TV show Parkinson.Fred Kaps always performed with great joy and worked very hard. He always had beads of sweat on his brow. He'd often joke about it, "This is a magnificent building", he said with his tenor voice, "but I think the roof is leaking." This would always get a laugh, which he would milk.

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