BirthdayFebruary 20, 1953
BirthplaceNew Jersey, USA

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  1. About Fred Applegate

    Full name: Fred Applegate
    Also known as: Fred Applegate, Applegate, Fred
    Professions: American baseball player

  2. Fred Applegate Known for

    Georgia Rule (2007), The Producers (2005), Spaced Invaders (1990), Woops! (1992)

  3. Fred Applegate Death information

    Died: Sunday, 21st of April, 1968 (Age: 15)

  4. Fred Applegate Biography

    Frederick Romaine Applegate (May 9, 1879 – April 21, 1968) was a Major League Baseball pitcher in 1904 for the Philadelphia Athletics. Between September 30 and October 10, he started and completed three games, winning 1 and losing 2 with an ERA of 6.43. His lone major league win came against the Washington Senators in his third and final start. The score was 7-6.A good hitter and fielder during his brief time in the big leagues, he batted .286 (2-for-7) and handled eight chances without making an error.A native of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, he died in his hometown at the age of 88.

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