BirthdayFebruary 16, 1960
BirthplaceWürzburg, Germany

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  1. About Frank-Markus Barwasser

    Full name: Frank-Markus Barwasser
    Also known as: Erwin Pelzig, Pelzig, Erwin
    Professions: Actor, Writer, Producer

  2. Frank-Markus Barwasser Biography

    Frank-Markus Barwasser (born 16 February 1960 in Würzburg) is a German political satirist and journalist. On stage, he almost always acts as the character of Erwin Pelzig, wearing a corduroy hat.Barwasser grew up in Würzburg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria. After working for the local newspaper, Main-Post, he studied political science, history and ethnology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the University of Salamanca. From 1985, he began his career on stage as a satirist. In 1993, he invented the character of Erwin Pelzig, which has been his most popular character ever since.Currently, he is co-host, with colleague Urban Priol, of the satirical ZDF show Neues aus der Anstalt and host of a talk show for the same channel, "Pelzig hält sich".

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