BirthdayOctober 3, 1966
BirthplaceSacramento, USA

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  1. About Frank Hannon

    Full name: Frank Hannon
    Also known as: Frank Hannon, Hannon, Frank
    Professions: American musician

  2. Frank Hannon Known for

    Last Action Hero (1993), That's My Boy (2012), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), A Concert for Ronnie Montrose: A Celebration of His Life in Music (2013)

  3. Frank Hannon Biography

    Frank Hannon (born October 3, 1966 in Sacramento, California), is best known as the guitarist, songwriter and a co-founder of the multi-platinum band Tesla, and is now established as a solo singer/songwriter with his album Gypsy Highway. Drawing on his early childhood influences of American Folk artists such as Bob Dylan, John Denver, and Willie Nelson, Frank Hannon has showcased his lyrical, vocal, and "acoustic" storytelling song writing abilities on the self produced album. Apart from recent Tesla concerts, Frank Hannon has been performing solo "acoustic" shows, one in particular was the KGGO "Summer Jam" in Des Moines Iowa where he performed throughout the day in between artist such as John Waite, 38 special, and BTO in front of 10,000 fans singing by himself with an acoustic guitar, and recently performing with Aaron Lewis who is also known for such solo acoustic performances. Frank has recently formed the independent label RedHawk Records. In the summer of 2012 Hannon was introduced to Kansas based luthier/guitar builder Jake Willoughby of C.R. Alsip Guitars. Hannon met Willoughby through Bill Leverty (Firehouse Guitarist) who is a mutual friend. After Hannon played Leverty's Alsip guitar Willoughby & Hannon started working on a guitar that fit Hannon. All though Hannon is known for his Gibson guitars, Hannon stated in a MMR interview: "These C.R. Alsip's are like a Gibson on steroids."

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