BirthdayApril 15, 1977

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  1. About Fernanda Lessa

    Full name: Fernanda Lessa
    Also known as: Fernanda Lessa, Lessa, Fernanda
    Professions: Brazilian model

  2. Fernanda Lessa Measurements

    Height: 1.78

  3. Fernanda Lessa Biography

    Fernanda Lessa is a Brazilian top model. She was born April 15, 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is 5'10" (1.78 m) tall and has brown hair and eyes.She started her career very early and moved to Milan after a few years. She first became famous in the year 2000 because of her photo appearing on the cover of GQ magazine, and because of a spot for Campari. She then appeared with Christian Vieri in an ad for Alice ADSL. Lessa is a professional DJ and tours famous Italian clubs with her DJ set show. She worked for Italian TV, hosting fashion shows and attending several chat shows. In 2006, she participated in the reality show L'Isola dei Famosi (The Italian version of Celebrity Survivor) and was the first evicted by the audience.

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