BirthdayOctober 8, 1966

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  1. About Felipe Camiroaga

    Full name: Felipe Camiroaga
    Also known as: Felipe Camiroaga, Camiroaga, Felipe
    Professions: Television presenter
    Occupation: Television presenter, actor

  2. Felipe Camiroaga Measurements

    Height: 6' 2½" (1.89 m)

  3. Felipe Camiroaga Death information

    Died: Friday, 2nd of September, 2011 (Age: 44)

  4. Felipe Camiroaga Biography

    Felipe Humberto Camiroaga Fernández (8 October 1966 – 2 September 2011) was a Chilean television presenter, one of the most popular in his country.Camiroaga hosted many shows for Chilean television station TVN, including the morning talk show Buenos Días a Todos and a late-night talk show Animal Nocturno. He also acted in several TV series, such as Jaque Mate and Rojo y Miel, and in two films. Camiroaga twice hosted the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in 2009 and 2010. He was nicknamed "Halcón de Chicureo" ("Falcon of Chicureo") because he bred falcons in his residence in Chicureo, a rural area north of Santiago.Camiroaga died on 2 September 2011 after the military plane which was taking him and twenty others to Juan Fernández Archipelago crashed in the sea. Camiroaga's death was officially announced seven days later, and after a funeral oration at TVN's headquarters, he was buried in Santiago. He has been posthumously awarded several prizes, including the "Social Communicator Special Award" by the National Council of Television in 2011.

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