BirthdayMarch 7, 1980
BirthplaceSão Paulo, Brazil

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  1. About Felipe Andreoli

    Full name: Felipe Andreoli
    Also known as: Felipe Andreoli, Andreoli, Felipe
    Professions: Heavy metal bassist
    Occupation: Bassist

  2. Felipe Andreoli Known for

    CQC - Custe o Que Custar (2008), Teleton 2011 (2011), Encontro com Fátima Bernardes (2012), Agora é Tarde (2011)

  3. Felipe Andreoli Biography

    Felipe Andreoli (born March 7, 1980 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a heavy metal bassist known for playing in bands like Angra, Karma and Almah.In 2006, along with Angra and Hangar's members, he participated in Fábio Laguna's Freakeys project.Andreoli is known for having played Brazilian D'Alegria basses, specifically his signature models Dart FA and A-Dart FA, as well as the electric upright Discovery and the Defender JB Deluxe. He is currently using Condor basses.

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