BirthdayMay 17, 1948
BirthplaceEngland, UK

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  1. About Fay Presto

    Full name: Fay Presto
    Also known as: Fay Presto, Presto, Fay
    Professions: British magician

  2. Fay Presto Biography

    Fay Presto (the stage name of Letitia Winter, born Oliver Winter, 17 May 1948) is a British trans woman who is known as a magician and a member of The Inner Magic Circle. In 2001, Fay Presto played herself in ITV's Emmerdale. In 1998 she was voted ‘Party Entertainer of the Year’ by Tatler Magazine. Other television credits includes Heroes of Magic (Channel 4), Paul Daniel's Secrets (BBC1), The Late Late Show for RTE, Dinner Dates (ITV), The Car's the Star, Trick on 2 (BBC2) and Wogan (BBC1). Fay was also the sole subject of a BBC2 40 Minutes documentary, "Illusions of Grandeur", about her life. Channel 4 voted her "Bottle Thru Table" trick the 37th Greatest Magic Trick of All Time.In 2012 Presto won the title of The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2012.

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