BirthdayJuly 26, 1969
BirthplaceBaltimore, USA

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  1. About Farai Chideya

    Full name: Farai Chideya
    Also known as: Farai Chideya, Chideya, Farai
    Professions: American journalist

  2. Farai Chideya Biography

    Farai Chideya (/f??ra? t???de?.?/; born July 27, 1969, Baltimore, Maryland, United States) is an African American novelist, multimedia journalist, and radio host. She produced and hosted Pop and Politics with Farai Chideya, a series of radio specials on politics for 15 years. She currently produces and hosts "One with Farai," a podcast for Public Radio International (PRI), in which she interviews distinguished individuals with a range of stories and opinions. Some of the guests Chideya has interviewed include Melissa Harris-Perry, Urvashi Vaid, Alec Ross who is the former special assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and many more.Additionally, since 2012 Chideya has held the position of distinguished writer in residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University, where she teaches courses in radio production and media economics.Chideya is also the founder and president of one of the earliest pop culture blogs in the US, During the 15 years of its existence, has been a training ground for young arts and culture journalists. In addition to her radio, video and online journalism, Chideya appears as a political analyst on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC News, Fox News, BET and HBO].In May 2009, Atria Books published Chideya's first novel, Kiss the Sky, which details the life of a black female rock musician making a career comeback in New York. The book takes place just months before 9/11 and is rooted in the ethos of the Black Rock movement and the New York club scene. Chideya is also part of The Finish Party writing group, and is the author of three non-fiction books about race and politics: Don't Believe the Hype, The Color of Our Future and Trust: Reaching the 100 Million Missing Voters.Prior to 2009, Chideya was the host of the National Public Radio radio program News & Notes. Before that, she hosted "Your Call," a daily radio call-in show on San Francisco, California's KALW public radio. She got her start in journalism working for Newsweek magazine, MTV News, the Oxygen Network and the non-profit community news website, She has subsequently written pieces for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The Chicago Tribune Syndicate, The American Prospect Online, The San Francisco Chronicle, Time Magazine, O: The Oprah Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Spin Magazine and Glamour.

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