BirthdayOctober 6, 1917

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  1. About Fannie Lou Hamer

    Full name: Fannie Lou Hamer
    Also known as: Fannie Townsend Hamer, Hamer, Fannie Townsend
    Professions: Civil rights leader

  2. Fannie Lou Hamer Known for

    Civil Rights Activist; vice chair of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

  3. Fannie Lou Hamer Death information

    Died: Monday, 14th of March, 1977 (Age: 59)

  4. Fannie Lou Hamer Biography

    Fannie Lou Hamer (/?he?m?r/; born Fannie Lou Townsend; October 6, 1917 – March 14, 1977) was an American voting rights activist and civil rights leader.She was instrumental in organizing Mississippi Freedom Summer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and later became the Vice-Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, attending the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in that capacity. Her plain-spoken manner and fervent belief in the Biblical righteousness of her cause gained her a reputation as an electrifying speaker and constant activist of civil rights.

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