BirthdayJuly 2, 1951
BirthplaceBologna, Italy

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  1. About Fabio Frizzi

    Full name: Fabio Frizzi
    Also known as: Fabio Frizzi, Frizzi, Fabio
    Professions: Composer, Soundtrack, Music Department

  2. Fabio Frizzi Known for

    Zombie (1979), City of the Living Dead (1980), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), The Beyond (1981)

  3. Fabio Frizzi Biography

    Fabio Frizzi (born July 2, 1951) is an Italian musician and composer.Born in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, he is best known for his film scores. A frequent collaborator with horror director Lucio Fulci, his scores have become some of the most widely known in the genre, with his latest Horror work being the soundtrack to House of Forbidden Secrets for Director Todd Sheets.

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