BirthdayNovember 26, 1909
BirthplaceSlatina, Romania

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  1. About Eugène Ionesco

    Full name: Eugène Ionesco
    Professions: Writer, Actor, Director

  2. Eugène Ionesco Known for

    I'm Going Home (2001), La jeune fille

  3. Eugène Ionesco Biography

    In 1909, Eugen Ionescu was born in Slatina, Romania to a lawyer, Eugen Ionescu Sr. and a French lady by the name of Therese Zicard. In 1913 they moved to France, but in 1924 when his parents divorced, he returned with his father to Romania. He studied in Craiova and in 1929 he attended the University of Bucharest to study Literature and Philosophy...

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