BirthdayJune 10, 1967
BirthplaceLondon, England

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  1. About Emma Anderson

    Full name: Emma Anderson
    Also known as: Emma Anderson, Anderson, Emma
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actress

  2. Emma Anderson Known for

    Numb (2007), City of Industry (1997), Joyride (1997), Follow the Prophet (2009)

  3. Emma Anderson Biography

    Emma Anderson (born Wimbledon, London 10 June 1967) is an English musician. She is best known for being a songwriter, guitarist and singer in the shoegazing/Britpop band, Lush. As a keen music fan, she used to write a fanzine called Alphabet Soup with school friend Miki Berenyi whom she met at Queen's College, London in 1982 when she was fourteen years old. Her first band, which she joined in 1986, was The Rover Girls (which featured Chris P. and Stu who were both later in Silverfish) as a bass player.

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