BirthdayFebruary 3, 1938

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  1. About Emile Griffith

    Full name: Emile Griffith
    Also known as: Emile Griffith, Emile Alphonse Griffith, Griffith, Emile
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew
    Work: Austrian Boxing Board of Control Recognition

  2. Emile Griffith Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 23rd of July, 2013 (Age: 75)

  3. Emile Griffith Biography

    Emile Alphonse Griffith (February 3, 1938 – July 23, 2013) was a professional boxer from the U.S. Virgin Islands who became a world champion in the welterweight and middleweight classes. His best known contest was a 1962 title match with Benny Paret. At the weigh in, Paret infuriated Griffith by touching his buttocks and calling him a homosexual. Griffith won the bout by knockout; Paret never recovered consciousness and died in the hospital 10 days later.

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