BirthdayMay 20, 1970

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  1. About Emad El Bahat

    Full name: Emad El Bahat
    Also known as: Emad Elbahat, Elbahat, Emad
    Professions: Egyptian film director and screenwriter

  2. Emad El Bahat Known for

    September 11 (2002), Destiny (1997), Lumière and Company (1995), The Other (1999)

  3. Emad El Bahat Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesEmad Atiya Ali El-Bahat (born 20 May 1970), is an Egyptian film director and screenwriter, also works as assistant for advertisements, documentaries and several shootings of foreign films in Egypt. Emad Elbahat's passion to cinema industry led him, fortunately, to meet three of the best and most important filmmakers in Egypt, Youssef Chahine, actually, Elbahat is the most influenced by, Daoud Abd El-Sayyed and Yousri Nasr Allah.

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