BirthdayFebruary 11, 1874
BirthplaceStockholm, Sweden

Celebrity biographies

  1. About Elsa Beskow

    Full name: Elsa Beskow
    Also known as: Elsa Beskow, Beskow, Elsa
    Professions: Swedish artist
    Occupation: Author

  2. Elsa Beskow Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 30th of June, 1953 (Age: 79)

  3. Elsa Beskow Biography

    Elsa Beskow (née Maartman) (11 February 1874, Stockholm – 30 June 1953) was a Swedish author and illustrator of children's books. Among her better known books are Tale of the Little Little Old Woman and Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender.

  4. Elsa Beskow Family

    Spouse: Natanael Beskow
    Siblings: Elisabeth Beskow husband's cousin

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