BirthdayOctober 12, 1973
BirthplaceLondon, UK

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  1. About Elliott Spiers

    Full name: Elliott Spiers
    Also known as: Elliott Spiers, Spiers, Elliott
    Professions: British actor
    Occupation: Actor

  2. Elliott Spiers Known for

    Taxandria (1994), Paperhouse (1988), The Storyteller (1987), Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest (1985)

  3. Elliott Spiers Death information

    Died: Saturday, 15th of January, 1994 (Age: 20)

  4. Elliott Spiers Biography

    Elliott Spiers was born on 12 October 1973 in London. He was the eldest of three children all of whom enjoyed performing in their early years. His main interest was painting and drawing and he showed a great deal of talent in this area. Elliott died at the Royal Free Hospital, London on the 15th January 1994 before the release of Taxandria.

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