BirthdayJanuary 18, 1956

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  1. About Elli Medeiros

    Full name: Elli Medeiros
    Also known as: Elli Medeiros, Medeiros, Elli
    Professions: Actress, Soundtrack, Composer

  2. Elli Medeiros Known for

    Lion's Den (2008), Femme Fatale (2002), Late August, Early September (1998), Venus Beauty (1999)

  3. Elli Medeiros Biography

    Elli Medeiros was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her mother, Mirtha Medeiros, decided to become an actress after Elli was born, & when she was admitted into Uruguay's Escuela National, had to take her along, so Elli attended drama school & classes by Spanish teacher Pepe Struch before kindergarden. Mirtha graduated and quickly became a very busy ...

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