BirthdayAugust 19, 1998

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  1. About Ella Guevara

    Full name: Ella Guevara
    Also known as: Ella Guevara, Guevera, Ella, Ella Guevera
    Professions: Actress, Director, Writer

  2. Ella Guevara Known for

    Graceland (2012), The Echo (2004), Ako legal wife: Mano po 4? (2005), Blackout (2007)

  3. Ella Guevara Biography

    Ella Guevara (born Janella Denise Yuson Guevara, August 19, 1998, Quezon City, Philippines) is a Filipina child actress. She rose to fame through her appearance on a talent search on television called StarStruck Kids that aired on the Filipino television channel GMA 7. Although she did not go on to win the said competition, she has since gone on to make several television and film appearances, mostly on GMA Network and has proven her worth as a child actress when she won as best child actress 5 times in a row, making her one of the most popular child actresses in the Philippines.

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