BirthdayNovember 29, 1910
BirthplaceKudat, Malaysia

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  1. About Elizabeth Choy

    Full name: Elizabeth Choy
    Also known as: Elizabeth Choy, Choy, Elizabeth
    Professions: Singaporean educator, councillor, war heroine
    Work: Elizabeth Choy-Yong Su-Moi
    Occupation: Educator, councillor

  2. Elizabeth Choy Known for

    heroics in Japanese-occupied Singapore during World War II

  3. Elizabeth Choy Death information

    Died: Thursday, 14th of September, 2006 (Age: 95)

  4. Elizabeth Choy Biography

    Elizabeth Choy (29 November 1910 – 14 September 2006), birth name Yong Su-Moi, Template:Post-nominals, was a Singaporean educator and councillor who is regarded as a war heroine in Singapore. Along with her husband, Choy Khun Heng, she supplied medicine, money and messages to prisoners-of-war interned in Changi Prison in Japanese-occupied Singapore during World War II.

  5. Elizabeth Choy Family

    Spouse: Choy Khun Heng
    Siblings: Yong Sinn Siong, Moo Enn Cong
    Parents: Yong Thau Yin

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